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James Batting

James Batting

Senior Partner

How can crafting enduring relationships and maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit drive long-term success in the investment management industry?


In Episode 5 of the Capital Cyclists, Hosking Partners’ James Batting and Django Davidson are joined by Chris Dion, Managing Director and Co-CIO at Brockenbrough, one of the US East Coast’s leading independent investment management companies.


Chris, James and Django discuss a broad range of issues, drawing on Chris' extensive insights and experience. The episode spans topics from balancing the benefits of being a generalist with those of specialisation, to underscoring the pivotal role of relationships in building a business and generating exceptional long-term results for investors. Perhaps most intriguingly, listeners will learn why Chris describes himself as a “chicken entrepreneur”…

To listen to the podcast on your chosen platform, click the 'Listen Now' button below. We do hope you enjoy the episode.

Hosking Podcast

2 May 2024

Capital Connections: How Relationships Drive Returns

Episode 5 of the Capital Cyclists podcast, with Chris Dion, James Batting and Django Davidson

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